Transfer Station/Recycling Center

Please call 664-0166 with any questions! 

January 9, 2024 - Trash Bag Price Increase

Effective January 9, 2024: large bags will cost $20 per roll and small bags will cost $15 per roll.

Town Trash Bags can be purchased at the following businesses:

  • Aubuchon Hardware (Lee)
  • Calef's Country Store 
  • George Calef Fine Foods
  • Market Basket (Lee)
  • Pet Connection

At the recommendation of the Transfer Station and Recycling Center Review Committee, the Select Board voted at their January 8, 2024 meeting to increase the trash bag prices and user fees.

The Select Board reviewed the Committee's recommendation for Trash Bag Price increase and voted unanimously to approve the recommendation.  Barrington's Transfer Station and Recycling Center is a pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) facility and funded primarily from user fees.  As solid waste disposal and transportation fees continue to increase fees must increase as well.

 NHDES has a brand new website that has a plethora of information for NH residents and businesses regarding the waste that they generate. Check it out here: 


Check out our new Smart Recycling Guide!

Effective immediately all waxy cartons and packaging are no longer accepted in with the recycling. They should be disposed of in your household trash. 

Questions about what's recyclable click here:


  Any questions please call 664-0166.

Thank you, The Transfer Station and Recycling Center Staff

Mission Statement

The mission of the transfer station/recycling center is to provide the residents of the Town of Barrington a safe, simple, clean facility to dispose of their trash, recyclables and materials in the proper manner.

General Information

                ***The Department of Public Works in Rochester no longer will except used motor oil.***   

  • Propane tanks are not accepted at the Transfer Station.  1lb propane tanks are accepted at Hazardous Waste Day!! Check back for the date.
  • Fire Extinguishers are not accepted at the Transfer Station, they are accepted at Hazardous Waste Day!! Check back for the date.
  • Do not throw mercury containing items in your trash such as: Button batteries: Found in watches, calculators, hearing aids, toys, etc. Thermometers: Fever, candy, deep fry, oven, indoor, outdoor, Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Compact fluorescent bulbs (twisty) Tube or straight bulbs Ultraviolet Round U-shaped Mercury containing lights will be marked with the element symbol Hg. Although all fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, using them is still encouraged because they are highly energy efficient! Thermostats: These contain more than 5x the amount of mercury found in a fever thermometer!  Please speak with an attendant to find out how to dispose of mercury containing devices!
  • Absolutely No picking or dumpster diving at the Transfer Station!

****Single Stream Recycling Changes***

Due to major changes in the recycling industry worldwide starting Tuesday July 31,2018 the Transfer Station will be taking glass out the singlestream recycling in Town. We will instead be putting glass in a separate open top container by itself. This container will be located to the right of the Recycling building.

Taking glass out of the recycling stream cuts the weight of recycled material, and therefore the cost of disposal.

We are here to make this process as easy as possible, so please if you have any questions please ask a Transfer Attendant or call the office at 664-0166.

Thank you for your cooperation and please share so we can spread the word! I have attached the link from the last Select board meeting discussing this with Pete Lachapelle from Waste Management, which discusses the changes in recycling worldwide.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Erin Paradis 603-664-0166