Values & Vision


  • Provide Quality Service to the Constituency, Development, and Land Conservation Community
  • Improve and Promote Public Outreach and Transparency in Government
  • Implement Effective Interdepartmental Communication and Streamline the Application and Review Process
  • Encourage Sustainable Growth, Design and Development through Innovative Land Use Practices
  • Appoint a Diverse Member Body to the Land Use Boards
  • Provide Pathways for Educational Opportunities for Board Members So They May Keep Pace with Current and  Innovative Land Use Policy and Practice 


To visualize a Land Use Department that is smarter and more efficient as summarily outlined in our values, certain objectives must be realized and met. To share our vision of the future of Barrington, we must understand the past.

Ideally, planners and developers work in partnership to honor the past when fostering conservation of natural area open space and promoting growth and development by making wise land use decisions. Planners are trained observers who analyze the land, mindful of the context of setting, for planned site development.