Tax Bill Information for Property Owners

The property owner is responsible for knowing that taxes are due and payable twice a year and notifying the Tax Office of any changes to their mailing address to ensure receiving tax bills in a timely manner. Knowing that bills are due in July and December is the property owners responsibility and if they don't receive their tax bill for some reason, to call and request a duplicate.

Throughout the State of New Hampshire, the tax year runs from April 1st through the following March 31st. Assessments of your property are computed as of the value on April 1st of each tax year which appear on your property tax bill.

There are two bills issued per year; the first bill is an estimate based on the assessed value multiplied by the previous year tax rate, then divided by two. This bill is mailed out near the end of May and is due July 1st every year. This first bill covers taxes from April 1st through September 30th.
The State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue sets the tax rate for the year in the fall. The final bill is calculated using the new tax rate multiplied by your property's assessed value, less payments made on the first bill. The second bill is mailed towards the end of October and is usually due December 1st of each year. This second bill covers taxes from October 1st through March 31st.

(In a cost saving effort the tax office will email, phone, or fax tax information upon request)