Cemetery - Pine Grove

"In 1888, the Rev. Frederick A. Holden, minister of the Congregational Church of Barrington from 1883-1887, was the guiding force behind the forming of the Oak Hill Cemetery Association. The first meeting of this association was held at the brickyard office of Albert Hall on April 9,1988, during which bylaws were drawn and arrangements were made for the purchase of land and of the organization of the cemetery. At a later date, land was purchased from Hiram H. Wood, and a plan of the cemetery was made. In 1913 additional land was purchased from Frank Hall. The survey being made by Orrin James of Northwood Narrows. More land was acquired from Seth Serburne, surveyed by Karl Woodward of Durham.

On May 28, 1927 the name was officially changed for Pine Grove Cemetery Association."

Cemetery Commission

Rick Walker
Jere Calef
Brian Lenzi