Tax Collector

The 2018 July tax bills were mailed out on May 17th. Quite a few bills have been returned with bad addresses. If you have not received your tax bill please call the Tax Collector's office with your correct mailing address. It is the property owners responsibility to inform the Assessing Department and/or the Tax Office of any change in mailing address.

Explanation of your real estate tax bill:

Billing is twice a year, bills are sent out by the end of May for the July bill and by the end of October for the December bill giving the taxpayer at least 30 days to pay. The day after the due date the bill is considered late and 12% interest starts accruing.

The July bill covers from April 1st - September 30

1. The July bill reflects 1/2 year calculation which shows on the tax breakdown, thus $12.05. The July bill is calculated by taking the prior year total and dividing in half.

2. The July bill is an "estimated" bill, calculated with the tax rate that was set by the state in October 2017

The December bill covers October 1- March 31

1. In October the state sets the new tax rate and the December bill adjusts to the new rate and deducts any payments that were made in July and/or during the year.The December bill is considered the final bill.

2. The December bill reflects the new tax rate and is an entire year calculation which shows on the tax breakdown, thus $26.08



The Tax Collector's Mission is to collect as much tax revenue as possible to help the Town meet its financial obligations each year. The office of the Tax Collector is responsible for:

  • Collecting revenue for property taxes, current use, excavation, & timber taxes
  • Responding to inquiries from banks, mortgage companies, attorney's offices, & the general public

Tax Kiosk




Tax Collections

Pay in person, or place in the drop box in Town Hall Lobby located at 333 Calef Highway. For your convenience, the Tax Office's hours of operation are posted on the left-hand side of the page.

To ensure that your real estate tax payment gets applied to the correct property please remember to include your Map/Lot # or your Bill #. Your telephone number is helpful in case we need to contact you with questions regarding your payment.

Please mail tax payments to the following address:

PO Box 660
Barrington, NH 03825

Please Note: Any change of mailing address is the responsibility of the property owner to notify the tax office. Thank you.

(In a cost saving effort the tax office will email, phone, or fax tax information upon request.)

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda Markiewicz Certified Tax Collector (603) 664-2230
Payton Goodell Deputy Tax Collector