Economic Development

Mission Statement

Economic Development Through Land Development Using Public-Private Partnerships

The Select Board and Turbocam have a very successful Public-Private Partnership on Route 9 in which Turbocam subdivided town land, built the road, constructed a large building and have 2 more lots for further expansion.  The Town kept three lots on the newly constructed road for future use; annually receive $ 237,500 in tax revenue; and there are over 100 newly created jobs so far on this development.  The Town will also receive 10,000 yards of gravel from this project.

The Select Board and Hard Rock are now engaged in a similar Public-Private Partnership that is before the Planning Board.   Hard Rock will subdivide the land, construct the road, pay the town a fee for rock removed, and pay the town 50% net for the sale of the land for commercial/light industrial development.  The purpose of the rock removal is to develop industrial/commercial sites.  It is anticipated that the buildings constructed on the site will annually pay property taxes well over $100,000 and create many additional jobs. 

The Select Board is being sensitive to the environment in the manner in which the Route 125 site is developed and expects to protect XX additional acres with Conservation Easements. The land on which the easements will be placed are important to the wetlands on the adjacent town-owned conservation land.  Hydrology, wetland and other studies are underway working in close conjunction with state and federal environmental agencies to protect the environment.



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