Building Codes

Current Codes Enforced:

Please click here to check with the State Building Code Review Board to see the latest amendments to any of the above codes.

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The Office of Code Enforcement strives for pro-active enforcement of all national codes, State regulations, and City ordinances as adopted through NH State Statutes and mandated by City Zoning and Building regulations.

The following outlines areas of responsibility:

  • Assure the compliance of the Building Code and 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Code as well as Plumbing, Energy, Mechanical, Electical and Life Safety Codes for all residential and commercial properties within the City
  • License, inspect and regulate food service establishments for compliance with the State of NH rules for safe food handling for the protection of the public
  • Assist the Barrington Fire Department with the inspection and licensing of places of assembly
  • Investigate citizen complaints relative to rental housing and enforce the property maintenance code
  • Investigate all other citizen complaints under which Code Enforcement has authority