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Wetlands Information

The mission of the Wetlands Bureau is to protect and preserve submerged lands under tidal and freshwaters and its wetlands (both salt water and fresh-water) from unregulated alteration that would adversely affect the natural ability of wetlands to absorb flood waters, treat stormwater and recharge groundwater supplies, impact fish and wildlife of significant value and depreciate or obstruct the commerce, recreation and the aesthetic enjoyment of the public.

Attention all Municipal Officials and Environmental Professionals

In an effort to provide a higher quality, more streamlined permitting process for the regulated public, most Land Resources Management Programs, (Alteration of Terrain BureauSubsurface Systems BureauWetlands Bureau and the Shoreland Program) have updated their permit application forms.

If you provide permit applications to the public or submit permit applications to DES, please take a moment to discard old permit application forms and ensure you have the newest versions. All current application forms are available at their respective DES web pages and have a revision date of 01/01/2012 located within the footnote.

As of April 1, 2012, the Land Resources Management Programs will no longer be accepting outdated permit application forms. Going forward, all LRMP application forms will be simultaneously updated every 6 months.

Land Resources Management, a subsection of the Water Division, coordinates communication and resources across those bureaus and programs that regulate land development projects that may impact state aquatic resources. For more information, please visit the NH DES Land Resources Management webpage.

  • Guidance Document for Wetlands Permit Application click here.
  • Listing of forms/applications on Wetlands Bureau website click here.

The following forms may be downloaded: