What is an election recount and why were the 2022 Strafford District 4 results recounted? (11/18/2022)

RSA 660 addresses election recounts.  The Secretary of State's Office provided a summary of 2022 General Election Recount Information.

A recount of the Strafford District 4 results was requested per RSA 660:1 by a candidate who lost by five votes. The Secretary of State's Office conducted a recount of the ballots cast in the Strafford District 4 State Representative race on Wednesday (11/16). The outcome did not change and District 4 will be represented by: Heath Howard, Cassandra Levesque, and Len Turcotte in the 23-24 Legislative Session.  An Excel file of the results (including recounts) can be found on the State's website.  

In addition to recounts called by candidates, per RSA 660:17-b, the State also performs random recounts.

Remarkably, across the 4,725 ballots cast in Barrington, the vote tallies changed by only five. Len Turcotte gained one vote, Heath Howard gained three votes, and Cassandra Levesque gained one vote (vote totals for the remaining candidates were unchanged). These results serve as a testament to the excellence of Barrington elections led by the Town Clerk and Moderator with support from many staff members and election workers. Recounts in other districts saw vote tallies change by triple digits. Barrington can be proud of its elections!

Full details of the 2022 State General Election can be found on the State's website.