What determines the order of warrant articles on the ballot? (1/11/2024)

State statute provides the following order of a warrant:

  1. Election of Officers
  2. Zoning Amendments (if applicable)
    1. See also, Why are Zoning Amendments on a separate ballot?
  3. Bonds or Notes Exceeding $100,000 (if applicable)
  4. All Other Business

RSA 33:8-a, II says that articles proposing bonds or notes exceeding $100,000 "...shall appear in consecutive numerical order and shall be acted upon prior to other business except the election of officers, action on the adoption, revision, or amendment of a municipal charter, and zoning matters..."

RSA 675:3, VII says, "...the issue as to the adoption of the proposed ordinance, building code, or amendment shall be presented to the voters of the town or village district by having the town or village district clerk prepare an official ballot separate from the official ballot used to elect town or village district officers..."

The Select Board determines the order beyond that framework.