How do I review my property's assessed value or property record card; what if there are mistakes? (12/8/2022)

All property owners are encouraged to review their property cards, which are available online through: (step-by-step instructions below) or at the Barrington Town Hall.

If you have questions or concerns about information on the property card, please contact the Assessing Office at (603) 664-0184.

If you disagree with your assessment, the normal abatement and appeal process is available to all taxpayers. Abatements are due prior to March 1st. If it is found that the application has merit, an abatement of taxes will be issued; if not, a denial will be issued. Abatement applications are available online or at the Town Hall.

Access Property Record Card Online at

  • Type in your address
    • Address Entry
  • Select your property
    • Property Selection





  • Click on 'Avitar Property Card'
    • Select Avitar Property Card










  • View/Print PDF of Property Record Card
    • Avitar Property Card