What are the details of solar panels on the new Town Hall? (2/13/2024)

The design for the Town Hall on Signature Drive began in 2019 following voter approval of the project.  Based on the solar hardware costs, electricity rates, and project budget a solar installation was not pursued during construction.

In 2022 as solar hardware costs went down and electricity rates went up, the Select Board formed an Energy Committee to (among other priorities) help identify the best locations for solar installations.  They concluded that a 'behind the meter' installation (one which co-locates a solar array with comparable electricity utilization) would be best.  In early 2024, at the Select Board's direction, the Energy Committee advertised a request for proposals to evaluate the size, efficiency, and cost of a solar array on parts of the Town Hall roof.

At their February 12, 2024 meeting, the Select Board reviewed the proposals and a recommendation from the Energy Committee to move forward with a project that has an estimated payback of 9 years.  The Select Board voted to use American Rescue Plan Act funds to install solar panels on the Town Hall.  The array is expected to be installed later in 2024.