2016 Goals

Goals 2016 Barrington Select Board Adopted 7/25/2016

  1. Establish a technology committee to develop and improve the town’s use of technology.
    1. Develop plans for upgrading software and hardware associated with municipal operations that is fast and efficient for municipal employees and town residents.
      1. Develop a list of all current hard, software in use and licensing/ownership costs.
      2. Review and evaluate current systems vs other town systems vs recommended systems.
      3. Review hardware replacement schedules.
      4. Review redundancy and back-up systems.
      5. Review the phone system and Internet connectivity to decide whether to buy phones, change providers or continue with current lease arrangements.
    2. Develop a plan to expand scanning of legacy documents
      1. 1. Review record retention laws and the current revisions under consideration.
      2. 2. Develop a scanning protocol for electronic record storage.
      3. 3. Review which areas of records require judgment (e.g. old/new map and lot #/pre 911 addresses, etc.) and which could be done by minimally trained temp.
  2. Using existing documents review and recommend long term plan for space needs for all Town functions including Recreation, Library, Fire, Police, Public Works and Town Office functions.
  3. Review and recommend changes on personnel polices
    1. Review Succession Management Plan
    2. Review & revise Personnel Plan
    3. Review compensation plan including merit and/or current placement on existing grades.
  4. Encourage economic development
    1. Consider infrastructure and park development, including Redemption Road and “Eco-Park” on Route 125.
    2. Develop & implement strategies to be more “business-friendly” encouraging both new business and retention of existing businesses. 7/25/16
  5. Budget
    1. Review by September 1 the recommendations by the ABC and decide what changes will occur in the Budget process.
    2. By September 1 set a target % budget change, set the COLA and whether or not there are steps (subject to III section review).