2021 Barrington Property Tax Rate

Town Seal Top Left, Taxes have been mailed! Check your bill for an insert (bulleted list with specifics) taxes are due Dec 16th

Barrington’s 2021 property tax rate is $19.50 per $1,000 of assessed value. The tax effort by jurisdiction is: $14.44 for Education*, $2.95 for Municipal, and $2.11 for County. Your enclosed tax bill will reflect the 2021 tax rate and tax responsibility (minus first bill/other 2021 payments) based on the current assessed value of your property.

Property Tax Bill can be viewed at: NH Tax Kiosk

Important Information from the Tax Collector can be viewed at: www.barrington.nh.gov/tax-collector 

The Town of Barrington recently completed a partial statistical update (revaluation) on properties within Town. The Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) requires municipal assessments to be between 90% and 110% of market value based on property sales. The 2021 update was necessary because Barrington’s assessed values would have been approximately 75% of fair market value. It is important to keep in mind that adjusting property values does not increase revenue; it simply ensures an alignment of a property owner’s tax burden with the value of their property. Voters decide how much needs to be raised in property taxes to fund the school and local government at the March election (2021 Results: www.barrington.nh.gov/2021warrant). More information on the 2021 update can be found at www.barrington.nh.gov/2021reval or at (603) 664-9007.

In 2020, Barrington’s valuation was $1.158 billion; the revaluation resulted in Barrington’s 2021 valuation increasing to $1.391 billion.  This 20% increase in value contributed to a reduced tax rate; from $22.77 (2020) to $19.50 (2021).  The Municipal portion of the tax rate dropped the full 20% from $3.69 (2020) to $2.95 (2021); representing no increase in taxes raised.  The Education* portion of the tax rate dropped 13% from $16.60 (2020) to $14.44 (2021); representing a 5% increase in taxes raised.  The County portion of the tax rate dropped 15% from $2.48 (2020) to $2.11 (2021); representing a 2% increase in taxes raised.The revaluation resulted in an average increase for all property types of 20% (to reflect the current market value). The value of some properties has risen more than 20% and some less. All property owners are encouraged to review their property cards, which are available online through: www.axisgis.com/BarringtonNH or at the Barrington Town Hall. Online, type in your address, select your property, and in the pop-up window click on ‘Avitar Property Card’ under ‘Documents and Links’. If you have questions or concerns about information on the property card, please contact the Assessing Office at (603) 664-0184.

Click the image below or navigate to this link to view the informational tax bill insert included with each tax bill.

2021 Second Half Tax Bill Insert Image