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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find the Town Offices? 
The Town Offices are located on Route 125 about 1 mile north of the intersection with Route 9.  The street address is 333 Calef Highway.  The mailing address PO Box 660.  Our phone number is (603) 664-9007. Click here for directions.

Which town departments are located at 333 Calef Highway?
The Town Administrator, Selectmen’s Office, Assessing Office, Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Planning Department, Building Department, and Finance Department.  Also the Highway Agent has an office at this location although the garage and transfer station are located on Smoke Street. Click here for more details.

What is the form of government? 
The legislative decisions are made at Town Meeting which consists of two parts.  The first part is a deliberative session in early February where people debate and amend the articles for the ballot.  The second part of Town Meeting is conducted with ballot voting the second Tuesday in March.  At this meeting various officers of the town are selected including the Board of Selectmen.  The Board of Selectmen is the governing board for the Town and is responsible for carrying out the policies adopted at Town Meeting within the budget approved by those voters.  The Board of Selectmen has appointed a chief administrative officer, the Town Administrator to help them manage the departments and employees who deliver the services of the town.

What are the hours and addresses of the town’s departments? 
Click here for details.

What do I do with my trash? 
The town does not have trash collection services.  You may take the trash to the transfer station on Smoke Street during their open hours.  Click here for details.

Where do I send suggestions?
The mailing address is PO Box 660.  Our phone number is (603) 664-9007. You may also use this online form.

What is happening to the old Town Offices? 
After extensive studies and two failed votes at Town Meeting to obtain funding to renovate the building housing the former town offices at 137 Ramsdell Lane, the Board has decided to investigate building a new town office.  The board believes this is the most cost effective and efficient way to address the space needs of the town offices.   The former town office building requires extensive and expensive work including ADA accessibility ramps and elevator, energy improvements and addressing the documented air quality issues.  Also the building is larger than the town offices need and the layout of fixed load-bearing walls is not ideal for town operations.

P.O. Box 660
333 Calef Highway (Rte. 125)
Barrington, NH 03825 PH: (603) 664-9007